72 Seater Coach Hire

The 72-seater coaches are the largest vehicles in our fleet. When you hire a large vehicle, you have to put in some thought. Even if the vehicle is high-end and comes packed with accessories, it all depends on the driver. Unless the driver is experienced enough to handle the vehicle and has a special licence for the heavy vehicle, your trip may turn out to be a nightmare. Instances of a tour group being in for a harrowing ride because of an inexperienced driver are all too common.

With our Weymouth minibus hire service, you can be rest assured such a situation will not come to pass. Our drivers are highly experienced and trained to handle the large vehicles properly. They not only know the local area well, with all routes but are also aware of all traffic and safety regulations pertaining to large vehicles. Our 72-seater vehicles itself are high-end best-in-class models, coming with every conceivable accessory built-in to enhance the comfort of the occupants.

The wide and spacious coaches have sound structural integrity and are stable, to provide passengers with a smooth drive. The wide and plush retractable seats are specially designed to aid the passengers to relax.

Our Weymouth minibus hires 72-seater coaches are perfect to transport large groups, such as a church group, sightseeing trips groups from schools and colleges, conference delegates, members from a cruise ship, and several other groups.


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