24 Seater Bus Hire

Our Weymouth minibus hire 24-seater hire is a luxury minibus designed to take you to any location safely. Smaller groups can use this vehicle to go round Weymouth, and also for shopping trips, attending weddings or funerals, for nights out, stag do and hen do parties, or birthday parties, to attend concerts, and for a host of other purposes.

Our drivers are not just friendly. They know their way around Weymouth. With our professional drivers, you can be sure of getting to your destination on time. Our drivers know how to avoid traffic and reduce delays. They are also familiar with the vehicles they drive, meaning you get to take advantage of the full list of features on offer in our high-end vehicles.

Our Weymouth minibus hire 24-seater vehicles are the best-in-class models and come fitted with all the latest safety and comfort-enhancing features. While air-conditioning and music systems are standard in all vehicles, our 24-seater minibus goes further, to provide plush recliner seats with leather upholstery, individual vents for air conditioning, food trays and cup holders for every seat, anti-slip aisle mats, and a host of other accessories. All our vehicles also spot the latest safety features. These vehicles also have stylish exteriors, perfectly suiting the need for corporates and others who wish to make a strong impression when they arrive at a place.

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