About Us

Our Weymouth minibus hire service offers a fleet of minibus and coaches, for all your group travel requirements in and around the region. We have established our reputation in town, by providing impeccable services for over fourteen years.

Our Weymouth minibus hire services are well patronised by sightseeing groups, cruise ship travel planners, families, schools and colleges, event managers, a gang of friends, church groups, musicians, and several other groups, for their group travel requirements. With our large fleet of high coaches, they are confident of availing the best vehicle, perfectly suiting their group travel requirements.

Weymouth is a quaint seaside town, famous for its beaches and quaint architecture. The town is in the middle of the world-famous Jurassic Coast, complete with its scenic splendour.

Vehicles Used by Weymouth Minibus

We maintain a fleet of high-end vehicles, such as Iveco 16 Seater Minibus Standard, Ford Transit 12-16 Seater Minibus Standard, Mercedes 8 and 16 Seaters Executive, Renault 16 Seater Standard, Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard. All these vehicles are the latest models, not more than six years old.

Iveco 16-Seater Minibus Standard

Iveco is noted for delivering innovative features in its models. The Iveco 16-seater minibus offers several intuitive features such as removable back rows, rear access ramps, and more, making it an extremely handy and utilitarian vehicle for all purposes.

Ford Transit 12-16-Seater Minibus Standard

The Ford Transit 12-16 seater minibus is very popular among small groups. This vehicle is perfect for almost all purposes. The vehicle has an overall robust look, and it reflects it the high-grade components and accessories featured in the vehicle. This vehicle combines style with class.

Mercedes 8 and 16-Seaters Executive Minibus

The Mercedes 8 and 16 seater executive minibus is the vehicle of choice for corporates and others who require a premium vehicle. The Mercedes brand name itself has a value, and true to form, the exteriors are sleek and stylish. The interiors too complement the exteriors in resonating class.

Renault Standard 16-Seater

The Renault 16-seater standard minibus is noted for its high range of accessories and features which make travel a comfort. Wide seats, ample space, and attention to detail makes this vehicle stand out among its contemporaries.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Minibuses

The Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Minibuses epitomised German intuitiveness. This high-quality vehicle is popular for its all-around efficiency, comfort, and robustness.