Minibus Hire With Driver

At Weymouth minibus hire, you avail the services of a driver along with the minibus hire. We offer smart, uniformed and professional drivers with a good knowledge of the road network in Weymouth. The drivers are employed after an extensive background check. We test their criminal record before hiring them. We test them for alcohol and drug use to ensure they are capable of driving safety, and never place the safety of passengers at risk. We always hire drivers who have several years of experience driving comparable vehicles. We further train them in everything related to the vehicles they handle, the company policy, and more. We keep them updated with the latest traffic updates and other relevant information.

Our investment in drivers not only enables you to have a safe and comfortable trip but also enhances the worth of your trip. Our drivers are quite adept to rise to the occasion and can double up as a valuable guide or resource person. If you are on a sightseeing trip, our drivers can offer you valuable tips and insights not available in travel guides or in open Internet forums. They gain this information by being locals and having taken several such trips in the past. They would, for instance, know the area where tourists tend to linger for the longest, and places where tourists return fastest, allow you to learn from others experience. When you are on a night out trip, our drivers remain alert and ensure you return back safe and sound. Our drivers are experienced in driving under all conditions.

We strive to delight the customer in everything we do. Our Weymouth minibus hire drivers are our brand ambassadors, and they are well trained to meet quality standards, and delight you to the maximum extent possible, without compromising your safety.

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